Offering Pocono Mountain Real Estate and Real Estate within the Entire Lake Region

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest commitments we can make - to our family, to a community, and to the future. That’s why commitment is the heart and soul of Mountain View Realty of Greentown offering Pocono MT Real Estate.

The Mountain View Realty commitment is not a promise, but rather proven programs, products, and services created especially to meet your needs with Pocono MT PA Real Estate!

You will see our commitment to a higher level of professionalism and integrity
in the buying and selling of Pocono Mountain Real Estate.

You will see our commitment to being a leader in our community serving the Pocono MT Real Estate industry.

Most importantly, you will see a commitment to people - the people we work with and the people we serve - for above all, real estate is a business built on personal relationships.

Browse our website for loads of information on buying
or selling
a homelot or commercial property. There's information on building a home, relocating your family, and details on schools and healthcare in the region.